Certification Frequently Asked Questions
A. Queries related to IDMAC certification

1.) Is IDMAC a nationwide test?

Ans: IDMAC is currently organised in 15+ cities across India. You can refer to the exam center list to know more about the same.

2.) Is IDMAC a standard for measuring the skills of a Digital Marketer?

Ans: Yes. IDMAC is a Nationwide standard to test the ability of digital marketing professionals and enthusiasts. The fact that it is so popular among recruiters has made it a standard on its own.

3.) How easy is it to get a digital marketing job after being IDMAC certified?

Ans: IDMAC helps you by differentiating from the competition. A resume that has IDMAC certification with it will have more weight than ones that don’t have it.

4.) Why being IDMAC certified is an added advantage for an Interview?

Ans: Recruiters see hundreds of resumes each day, the resume which has IDMAC certified badge on it will stand out in the crowd.

5.) Is IDMAC recognised by the government of India or is it affiliated with any University?

Ans: IDMAC is an independent and self-funded testing platform. It is not recognised by the Government of India or any University.

B. Queries related to registration process

1.) How to register for the exam ?

Ans: Go to home page → click on register → register by using your email id → After registration you can login into our dashboard → register for exam.

2.) Do we have to pay in advance for exam registration ?

Ans: Yes, you have to pay in advance to register for the exam

3.) Do you have an option for group registrations?

Ans: Yes, If you have group of 3 or more members you can register here : (Redirects to group register form).

4.) How will I receive my IDMAC Certificate after the test?

Ans: You will receive an e-certificate in your registered email id. After that, you will receive a Hard copy of your certificate through the courier with three weeks of results.

C. Queries related to rescheduling the test and refund policy

1.) What if I fail to clear the passing mark in the IDMAC test?

Ans: No worries. You can apply for the exam again. Please login into the dashboard by using you existing id and password and register for the exam again.

2.) How to reschedule a test ?

Ans: Yes, you can reschedule the test and there are no charges for rescheduling the test.
Please note: You can only reschedule the test prior to one week before the exam date.

3.) Will I get a refund after the registration ?

Ans: Once you have registered yourself to take the IDMAC test, under any circumstances, you cannot cancel the test but you can reschedule the exam.

D. Queries related to IDMAC certification test

1.) What all concepts I need to prepare for, before my IDMAC test?

Ans: You have to prepare as per the syllabus book. In the higher levels, there can be questions from out of the syllabus book, to test for practical and analytical skills.

2.) What if I register for the IDMAC test and don’t appear on the test day?

Ans: In this case if you miss the exam, you can register again by selecting your next prefered date by paying 70% of the exam fee. We shall provide you with the coupon code for the discount and coupon code is available on your dashboard.

3.) What if I reach the IDMAC center without any Admit card?

Ans: Make sure that you carry your admit card before reaching the Test center. But in case you miss it, you are not allowed to write the exam.

4.) Who will guide me through the process of the IDMAC test?

Ans: You can call our IDMAC Support team for any query or doubt. We will make sure to answer all your queries. You can also reach us, by sending an email to test-queries@idmac.in

5.) Is it necessary to clear the basic level to attempt the professional level or the advanced level?

Ans: No, it’s not required that you clear the basic level first. Incase you want to appear for standard level 2-3 years of job experience in digital marketing domain is required and if you want to appear for advanced level 4+ years in digital marketing domain is mandatory.

6.) Will IDMAC be online or offline?

Ans: IDMAC was planned for both urban and rural parts of the Country, hence, IDMAC will have both offline and online tests. You can choose based on your preference.

7.) Will my technical skills be tested or it’s just another theory paper?

Ans: IDMAC basic level test is basic theory questions, but the Higher levels are more practical and test your skill more than knowledge.

E. Queries related to post completion of IDMAC

1.) Should I pay IDMAC if I get a job through their job portal?

Ans: No, you don’t have to pay us if you get a job through our portal. We will be more than happy that another IDMAC certified professional got his/her dream job.

2.) Does IDMAC prepare me for an Interview?

Ans: Yes, IDMAC test questions are totally based on the industry standards and will help you crack any digital marketing interview.

3.) What will I learn after my IDMAC test?

Ans: IYou will have a clear picture about your skill sets and what all you need to improve on in digital marketing.

4.) Why IDMAC is considered as a Digital Marketing Recruitment Standard?

Ans: With a huge trending market and need for digital marketers, IDMAC has turned the way recruiters hire. Recruiters are finding it easy to segregate resumes based on their IDMAC certification and IDMAC Score.

5.) What if I have any questions other than these?

Ans: If you have any other questions, you can contact our IDMAC Support team or email us at general-query@idmac.in