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What is IDMAC?

Indian Digital Marketing Assessment and Certification (IDMAC) is an independent certification program for candidates aspiring to build their career in digital marketing. IDMAC has been conceptualised to bring direction to learning in digital marketing and provide employable digital marketers. Moreover, fitment and job roles can be decided easily by employers based on the skills portrayed by candidates in their IDMAC certification results.

IDMAC certification programs enables candidates to learn and understand digital marketing beyond the basics and application of knowledge in real-world scenarios. The certification test is designed in a manner that to pass the IDMAC test, candidates will need to demonstrate skills and decision making on actual cases. IDMAC test certification helps the candidates to shine above everyone else and showcase their talent, skills and scores to top recruiters across varied industries.

The Agenda

The key agenda of IDMAC is that there is no commercial agenda which will drive this initiative. IDMAC aims to remain unaffiliated with any standards of education and yet prove to be effective with what India does with its digital marketing talent.

IDMAC’s advisory board members will be people who not just know digital marketing but also understand marketing. IDMAC will keep adding value to it’s certification program by bringing in more experience and knowledge in its advisory board. Every year in January, depending on the changing landscape of digital marketing and new technologies and trends, IDMAC will change its test pattern and certification process. All such changes will be advised through notifications published on the website.
At IDMAC, we will adopt the process of test preparation and scoring to reduce the possibility of error to its minimum. However, since the process is human controlled, it will be prone to errors.

What topics will be covered in IDMAC certification
S. No Topic Range Basic IDMAC Professional IDMAC Advanced IDMAC
A Marketing
a1 Market Analysis
a2 Competitor Analysis
a3 Customer Analysis
a4 Marketing Strategy
a5 Mobile Marketing
a6 Email Marketing
a7 Display Advertising
a8 Video Marketing
a9 SMS Marketing
a10 Marketing Automation
a11 Lead Generation
a12 Lead Management and Nurturing
a13 Marketing Data Analysis
B Web Technology
b1 Types of Websites
b2 Setting up a Website
b3 How a website works
b4 Traffic in Website
b5 Web Analytics
C Search Engine Optimisation
c1 Basics of SEO
c2 Local SEO
c3 Keyword Research
c4 Competitor Analysis
c5 Blogging
c6 Advanced SEO
c7 Ecommerce SEO
c8 Global SEO
c9 SEO Analytics and Reporting
D Google
d1 Google Search Console
d2 Google Updates
d3 Other Major Search Engines
E Search Engine Marketing
e1 Pay Per Click
e2 Google Ads
e3 Bing Ads
e4 Baidu Ads
e5 Yahoo Ads
F Social Media
f1 Different Social Media Platforms
f2 Social Media Calendar
f3 Social Media Management Tools
f4 Facebook Ads
f5 LinkedIn Ads
f6 Twitter Ads
f7 Social Media Analytics
G Conversion Rate Optimisation
g1 Landing Page
g2 A/B Testing
g3 Funnel Setup
H Content
h1 Content in SEO
h2 Content for Social Media
h3 Content Marketing
h4 Content Marketing Tools
I Media Buying
i1 Banner Ads
i2 Ad Buying
i3 Programmatic Media
J Analytical
j1 Google Analytics
j2 A/B Split test Web Analytics
j3 Reporting
How to get IDMAC Certified?

To become IDMAC certified, candidates need to prepare for IDMAC, register for an upcoming IDMAC test at a center near them and take the test.
The following resources/guides will be helpful for you to complete your IDMAC certification -


Register your profile


Register for your IDMAC test


Download the syllabus


Sample questions


Print your admit card


On the exam day


Download the certificate


Apply for the Jobs

Levels of IDMAC
Three Levels to Ultimate Success

IDMAC provides an opportunity to the applicants to achieve their career goals without burning a hole in their pocket. Schedule a test now and witness your dream of securing a digital marketer position in a high-profile company come true.

  • Level 1 Basic Level – Rs 1940 All Inclusive
  • Level 2 Professional Level – Rs 3460 All Inclusive
  • Level 3 Advanced Level – Rs 7430 All Inclusive
Certification FAQ's
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The IDMAC Team
Preeti Dhanda

Preeti is the thought leader behind IDMAC. She has been instrumental in conceptualising and articulating the action plan for IDMAC. Preeti has 20 years of experience in web technology and digital marketing and brings in immense experience in this domain.

Puneet chadha

Puneet is the action manager of IDMAC. He has built and operationalised the structure of IDMAC and has been instrumental in bringing people on board. He has been leading the organisation “EMarketz India Pvt Ltd” for a decade now and is regarded as the top influencer in the digital marketing domain.

Sukhvinder Kaur

Sukhvinder adds technology and knowledge quotient to IDMAC. She is a technology geek who has worked on 20+ technologies in software development, web technology and brings technology for digital marketing learning and advancement.

Princy Sharma

Princy is the one of the finest when it comes to Digital Marketing. With a strong core of Marketing, princy keeps up with the latest trends in the digital world. She is the brain behind the syllabus and test questions. All in all, Princy is an all rounder that can play any role when the team needs her to.

Mohammed Jurair

Be it Creative Ideas or Classic Content, Mindful Mistakes with an Energetic Attitude, Jurair is the one that does the experimentation part of any project. The ability to overcome challenges with a smile is what every team needs.

Thejaswini Basireddy

When it comes to convincing people, Thejaswini leads the line. If you are not convinced by the idea of IDMAC, it is probably because Thejaswini has not met you. She is an artist when it comes to closing deals and negotiating with people, an asset which IDMAC upholds with pride.